Majis Village

About Majis village,

The Sultanate of Oman is administratively divided into Regions, Governorate, Wilayah and villages. Majis village is located in the Al-Batinah North region, in the Wilayah of Sohar. In the Sultanate of Oman, A wilayah is an administrative division

1- Origin of the name Majis

It is commonly believed by its inhabitants that the name Majis is a distortion of the Arabic word Maqis.

Indeed in the past people used to measure the depth of the various wadis in the area, before crossing them. The word “measure” in Arabic is Maqis and throughout the time and generations Maqis turned to Majis and became the village appellation.

2- Traditional Leaders in Majis Village

Like the others Omanis villages Majis has his own traditional leaders who are in charge of representing and leading their community.

There are 2 Sheiks in Majis:

1-    Sheik Hassan bin Obaid bin Hassan Al- Barakti for the Northern part of the village since 1987.

2-    Sheik Suliman bin Ali bin Suliman Al- Balushi, for the Southern part of the village since 1982.

3- Majis football club

The major attraction in Majis, especially for the youth is the Majis Football Club established since 1979, and which plays in Omani first league.

In 1991 the club reached the Oman championship final against Fanjaa club.